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Carmichaelia petriei T. Kirk

Modern name

Carmichaelia petriei Kirk

A shrub described as stout, sparingly branched and from 2 to 6 ft high in a wild state. Young shoots without down, faintly ribbed, slightly flattened, but becoming almost round (terete) after the first year. Flowers 16 in. long, violet-purple, fragrant, produced in June and July, three to eight together on racemes 12 to 1 in. long; calyx and flower-stalks silky-downy, the former with short triangular teeth. Pod 14 to 25 in. long, stout, with usually two or three seeds.

Native of the South Island of New Zealand, up to 1,000 ft altitude. Its distinctive characters are in the round (not flattened) branches, short thick pod, and often thickly clustered downy racemes. It is not in cultivation at Kew, but is reputed to be fairly hardy.



Other species in the genus