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Chrysothamnus graveolens (Nutt.) Greene

Modern name

Ericameria nauseosa var. graveolens (Nutt.) Reveal & Schuyler


Chrysocoma graveolens Nutt.; Bigelowia graveolens (Nutt.) A. Gray

An evergreen shrub, 6 to 8 ft high, much branched; branches erect, and white when young. Leaves alternate, crowded on the branch, linear, 1 to 3 in. long, 18 in. wide or less, long-pointed, glabrous. Flower-heads bright yellow, very numerous, forming flattish corymbs 1 to 4 in. across; each head is composed of about five florets, each of which is very slender, tubular, 13 in. long, the pointed teeth of the corolla erect, the base slightly downy. When crushed the plant emits a not unpleasant, somewhat pungent odour. Bot. Mag., t. 8155.

Native of western N. America, inhabiting dry situations. It is not hardy in the open at Kew, but thrives remarkably well on a south wall, where it flowers abundantly during the latter end of September and during October, producing heavy masses of corymbs often 9 to 12 in. across. It does not need a rich or heavy soil, but a well-drained, sandy loam, and all the sunshine possible. The above description is made from the plant at Kew, figured in the Botanical Magazine; but in a wild state the species is spread over a wide extent of country, and is said to vary much.



Other species in the genus

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