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Cistus × florentinus Lam.

Modern name

Cistus × florentinus Lam.

An evergreen shrub 2 to 4 ft high, much-branched, not viscid, branchlets stellately downy when young. Leaves narrowly oval-lanceolate, wavy, pointed at the apex; 1 to 134 in. long, 14 to 12 in. wide; upper surface dull green, roughish, net-veined beneath, the chief veins pinnately arranged; at first stellately downy above, covered beneath with a thin greyish wool. Flowers two to four on a stalk, white except for a blotch of yellow at the base of each petal; 112 to 2 in. across. Sepals five, hairy, ovate, with a heart-shaped base and a slender, pointed apex.

A hybrid between monspeliensis and salviifolius, found wild in various parts of S. Europe and in Algiers. It is a useful plant although not among the hardiest. Intermediate between its parents, but somewhat variable, it has the same type of foliage as C. monspeliensis, but broader, whilst its flowers are larger and more like those of C. salviifolius. The stickiness of the young stems, seen in monspeliensis, is missing.



Other species in the genus