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Colutea × media Willd.

Modern name

Colutea × media Willd.

A hybrid between C. arborescens and C. orientalis, given this name in 1809, at which time it was cultivated in the Botanic Garden of Berlin. It is a vigorous shrub of bushy habit very similar in general appearance to C. arborescens, the leaves consisting usually of eleven or thirteen leaflets, which are obovate, 12 to 1 in. long, bluish green, downy beneath when young. The influence of C. orientalis is most in evidence in the colour of the flowers, which are of a brownish red or coppery hue, also in the longer, linear-lanceolate teeth of the calyx, as compared with the triangular lobes of C. arborescens. C. × media has a large inflated pod like C. arborescens, 3 in. long. This shrub is useful in the same situations as C. arborescens, and may be planted on dry banks. It was once grown in gardens under a variety of names, such as C. arborescens rubra, C. purpurea, etc.



Other species in the genus