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Corema album (L.) D. Don

Portuguese Crowberry

Modern name

Corema album (L.) D.Don


Empetrum album l.

An evergreen shrub 112 to 2 ft high, erect in habit and heath-like; young shoots very downy. Leaves narrow linear, 14 to 38 in. long, blunt, the margins reflexed so as to leave only a narrow slit behind, dark green and soon becoming glabrous, mostly arranged in threes. Flowers in terminal clusters, stalkless and inconspicuous. The female plant bears globose white berries in clusters, each berry 14 in. across.

Native of Portugal and Spain; introduced in 1774. It grows very well near London in sandy peat, and resembles its close ally Empetrum nigrum, but is taller and larger leaved, and the berry is white with only three seeds. A neat little evergreen, but not showy.



Other species in the genus