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Cornus walteri Wanger.

Modern name

Cornus walteri Wangerin


C. wilsoniana Hort., not Wanger.; Swida walteri (Wanger.) Sojak

A deciduous tree up to 35 or 40 ft high; young shoots finely downy at first only. Leaves oval, tapered at both ends, slender-pointed; 2 to 412 in long, 114 to 2 in. wide; the dark green upper surface has fine appressed hairs, but they are much more abundant on the lower surface; veins in three to five pairs; stalk up to 1 in. long. Flowers 38 in. wide, white, produced during June in corymbs about 3 in. wide; style club-shaped; fruit globose, 14 in. wide, black.

Native of Central and W. China; introduced by Wilson in 1907 under his number 1017. Without any special distinctiveness it is interesting as a tree cornel. It flowered and developed fruit at Abbotsbury, near Weymouth, in 1919. There is a specimen measuring 40 × 3 ft at Spetchley Park, Worcs., and another in. the R.H.S. Garden, Wisley, about 25 ft high (1967).



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