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Cytisus decumbens (Durande) Spach

Modern name

Cytisus decumbens (Durande) Spach


Spartium decumbens Durande

A prostrate shrub 4 to 6 in. high, with five-angled, sparsely hairy branches. Leaves simple, stalkless, 14 to 34 in. long, oblong or obovate, 18 to 16 in. wide; hairy, especially beneath. Flowers bright yellow, 12 to 58 in. long, produced singly, in pairs, or in threes from the joints of the preceding summer’s shoots; the flower-stalks are 13 to 12 in. long, and the calyx 16 in. long, both hairy. Pod 34 to 1 in. long, hairy, three- or four-seeded. Bot. Mag., t. 8230.

Native of S. Europe from France to Albania and Montenegro. This species is, perhaps, the most prostrate of all brooms in cultivation, lying as it does flat on the ground and only increasing in height by additional growths laid on the older ones. In May and June it is very gay with the bright but rich yellow flowers. It may be strongly recommended for the rock garden, especially for positions where it is in full sunlight. Said by Aiton to have been introduced in 1775, but now rare in gardens.



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