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Discaria trinervis (Poepp.) Reiche

Modern name

Ochetophila trinervis (Gillies ex Hook.) Poepp. ex Endl.


Ochelophila trinervis Poepp.

A shrub with long, arching, usually spineless branchlets. Leaves clliptical to oblong-lanceolate, blunt and shortly mucronate at the apex, tapered at the base, about 12 to 1 in. long, three-veined from the base. Flowers borne singly or in threes; calyx with four or five teeth; petals spoon-shaped, four or five in number.

A native of the Andes of Chile and Argentina. A plant received from Bodnant in 1924 is quite hardy against a sheltered south wall in the Edinburgh Botanic Garden but is of no particular note as a garden plant. This species is distinct from D. discolor and its allies in having petals to the flower and in its three-veined leaves.



Other species in the genus