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A genus of probably only one species, belonging to the tribe Schefflereae, to which the ivies (Hedera) also belong. It is distinguished from Aralia by its valvate corollas. The species described by Sir William Hooker as Aralia papyrifera was transferred to Fatsia by Bentham and Hooker, but properly belongs to the genus Tetrapanax as T. papyriferus (Hook.) K. Koch. It is tender and not treated in this work. The Formosan species described by Hayata under the name Fatsia polycarpa was later removed by Nakai to the monotypic genus Diplofatsia and this genus is recognised by Dr Hutchinson in The Genera of Flowering Plants, Vol. 2 (1967). The Formosan species is not in cultivation so far as is known, but might prove moderately hardy.

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