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Forestiera ligustrina (Michx.) Poir.

Modern name

Forestiera ligustrina (Michx.) Poir.


Adelia ligustrina Michx.; Borya ligustrina (Michx.) Willd.

A deciduous shrub up to 10 ft in height, forming a wide bush with slender branches, downy when young, often becoming spine-tipped. Leaves oval or slightly obovate, 34 to 134 in. long, 14 to 34 in. wide, tapered at both ends, shallowly toothed all round except near the base, dull green and glabrous above, paler and downy beneath; stalks 14 in. or less long. Flowers green, inconspicuous, produced from the twigs of the preceding year; the males in dense stalkless clusters; females fewer, on short spurs. Fruits 14 in. long, egg-shaped, blue-black.

Native of the S.E. United States; introduced in 1812. Of no garden value.



Other species in the genus