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Fraxinus elonza Kirchn.

Modern name

Fraxinus angustifolia subsp. oxycarpa (Willd.) Franco & Rocha Afonso

A small, elegant tree with glabrous, grey-green young shoots furnished with whitish warts; buds dark brown, scurfy. Leaves up to 10 or 11 in. long, with nine to thirteen leaflets, which are ovate, oval or lance-shaped, broadly tapered at the base, shortly pointed, sharply toothed, 1 to 3 in. long, 12 to 1 in. wide, stalkless, dark dull green, and glabrous above, with brownish down densely tufted near the base of the midrib beneath; the main leaf-stalk is whitish beneath, downy in places, winged on the upper side, the wings erect and forming a narrow groove. Flowers and fruit not seen. This ash is of uncertain origin, and is supposed to be a hybrid, probably with F. oxycarpa as one parent.

There is an example at Kew, in the Ash collection, pl. 1900, measuring 73 × 334 ft (1967).

From the Supplement (Vol. V)

This is probably a variant of F. oxycarpa rather than a hybrid of it. The example at Kew, pl. 1900. measures 87 × 4 ft (1971).



Other species in the genus