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Helianthemum croceum (Desf.) Pers.

Modern name

Helianthemum croceum (Desf.) Pers.


Cistus croceus Desf. (1800); C. glaucus Cav. (1794), not Pourr. (1788); H. glaucum Pers. (1807)

A small tufted shrub growing to about 1 ft high. Leaves on the upper part of the shoots linear-lanceolate to ovate-lanceolate or elliptic-oblong, often revolute, the lower ones more rounded, covered on both sides with a dense down of stellate hairs, but the upper sides sometimes also with long unbranched hairs, and the undersides almost glabrous in some forms. Stipules large and leaflike. Flowers yellow or orange, rarely white, up to fifteen in each racemelike cyme. Sepals with stellate down, at least on the midribs and sometimes throughout.

Native of the W. Mediterranean, including N. Africa; introduced in 1815. This species is closely allied to C. nummularium, but is very distinct in summer with its almost white foliage, with which the rich yellow flowers are in admirable contrast. Many of the garden varieties of Helianthemum are hybrids of this species, more especially those that are whitish on the upper surface of the leaves.



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