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Hemiptelea davidii (Hance) Planch.

Modern name

Hemiptelea davidii (Hance) Planch.


Planera davidii Hance; Zelkova davidii (Hance) Hemsl.

A small deciduous tree, armed with stout thorns; young shoots hairy. Leaves oval, 34 to 214 in. long, 12 to 1 in. wide, pointed, slightly heart-shaped at the base, with seven to fifteen teeth along each side; upper surface dark green and at first beset with pale, scattered hairs, each springing from a curious circular depression which, after the hair falls away, turns dark; lower surface glabrous except for a few scattered hairs on the midrib and chief veins at first. Fruits conical, 14 in. long, scarcely so wide, two-edged, slightly winged, shortly but distinctly stalked; stalk 112 in. long.

Native of N.E. and Central China, Manchuria, E. Mongolia, and Korea; introduced to France by Maurice de Vilmorin, and from his garden at Les Barres to Kew in 1908. The thorns in wild trees are very formidable, sometimes 4 or 5 in. long, but they become much less so on our cultivated trees.



Other species in the genus

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