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Neillia thyrsiflora D. Don

Modern name

Neillia thyrsiflora D.Don

A low deciduous bush of neat, rounded habit, about 3 ft high; young shoots angular, glabrous, sometimes reddish. Leaves 112 to 3 in. long, two-thirds as wide, three-lobed (most markedly so on the barren shoots), ovate with a long, narrow point, sharply, often doubly, toothed, the base mostly heart-shaped, dark green and glabrous above, the bright green undersurface downy on the chief veins; stalk 14 to 12 in. long. Flowers in a downy raceme, terminating the shoot, or springing from the axils of the uppermost leaves. Each flower is about 13 in. long; the calyx-tube bell-shaped, silky hairy, the lobes lance-shaped and pointed; petals roundish ovage, white. Fruits consisting of one ‘pod’ enclosed by the persistent calyx, and containing four to eight seeds.

A species of wide range in E. Asia, from Nepal eastward and south-eastward to S. China, Burma, and Malaysia. It was in cultivation as early as 1855, but has always been rare in gardens.



Other species in the genus