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Phellodendron japonicum Maxim.

Modern name

Phellodendron japonicum Maxim.


P. amurense var. japonicum (Maxim.) Ohwi

A deciduous, bushy-headed tree, of stiff habit, 20 to 35 ft high, its trunk 1 to 2 ft in thickness. Leaves 10 to 15 in. long, pinnate, with seven to fifteen leaflets, which are very downy beneath, dull green, and soon nearly or quite glabrous above, broadly ovate, pointed, oblique at the base, 2 to 3 in. long, with a short stalk. Panicle of male flowers about 4 in. long, and 2 in. wide, erect; the female one more slender. Flowers 14 in. across, yellowish green. Fruits orange-shaped, black, each nearly 12 in. across, borne on an erect downy panicle.

Native of Japan; introduced about 1870. It is distinguished from the other species by the thick, greyish down beneath the leaflets, and by their broader proportions. A well-grown tree is handsome when in full leaf and fruit. It flowers in July.

The example at Kew measures 35 × 5 ft (1967) and there is another in the Edinburgh Botanic Garden of the same size, planted in 1898.

From the Supplement (Vol. V)

specimens: Kew, 33 × 512 ft (1981); Edinburgh Botanic Garden, 42 × 512 ft (1981); Auchinruive, Ayrs., 42 × 812 ft at 1 ft (1979).



Other species in the genus