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Philadelphus tomentosus G. Don

Modern name

Philadelphus tomentosus Wall. ex G. Don

A shrub 6 or 8 ft high; young shoots glabrous, or slightly hairy when quite young only. Leaves 112 to 4 in. long, 34 to 2 in. wide; oval or ovate, with long slender points and a rounded or tapered base, unevenly toothed; dark green and hairy above, especially when young, grey and felted beneath; stalk 15 to 25 in. long. Petals oval, rounded at the end; calyx glabrous outside, downy inside; style about as long as the stamens; stigmas separate at the top.

Native of the Himalaya; introduced, according to Loudon, in 1822. It is often regarded as a variety of P. coronarius, but is amply distinguished from it by the grey-felted undersurface of the leaves. It is more nearly related to P. delavayi (q.v.).

f. nepalensis (Koehne) Hara P. nepalensis Koehne; P. triflorus Wall. ex Hu – Leaves glabrous beneath.

f. lancifolius (Koehne) Hara P. lancifolius Koehne – Styles downy.



Other species in the genus