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Phyllostachys flexuosa (Carr.) A. & C. Riv.

Modern name

Phyllostachys flexuosa Rivière & C.Rivière


Bambusa flexuosa Carr.

A bamboo of elegant but compact, rounded habit, rarely exceeding 6 or 8 ft in height, but up to 30 ft in warmer parts; stems at first bright green, becoming darker with age, sometimes almost black like those of P. nigra. Leaves 2 to 4 in long, 13 to 58 in. wide, dark green and glabrous above, glaucous beneath and downy at the base of the midrib, secondary nerves four to six each side the mid­rib; one margin toothed.

Native of China; introduced to France in 1864. In the characters of leaf and stem this bamboo bears much resemblance to P. viridi-glaucescens, but it is much dwarfer and more compact, and the change of the old culms to black does not, so far as I have observed, occur in that species. The stem-sheaths also differ, as pointed out under P. viridi-glaucescens. P. flexuosa is a pleasing bamboo of the middle size, graceful and very hardy.



Other species in the genus