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Plagianthus pulchellus (Willd.) A. Gray

Modern name

Gynatrix pulchella (Willd.) Alef.


Sida pulchella Willd.; Gynatrix pulchella (Willd.) Alef.

An evergreen shrub or tree. Leaves ovate, with a heart-shaped base, 212 to 412 in. long, green both sides, coarsely and irregularly toothed, often with two lateral lobes near the base; leaf-stalk slender, half as long as the blade. When young, the leaves and young wood are dotted with stellate hairs. Flowers produced on short racemes or singly, white, each 14 in. across.

Native of S.E. Australia and Tasmania. It is a quick grower and flowers in July, but its blossoms have little beauty, nor has it shown the graceful and dis­tinct growth of P. betulinus. It is also tender, and only hardy in mild districts.



Other species in the genus