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Ptelea baldwinii Torr. & Gr.

Modern name

Ptelea baldwinii Torr. & A. Gray

This species, described from Florida, is represented in cultivation by the following Californian variety:

var. crenulata (Greene) Jeps. P. crenulata Greene Western Hop Tree. – A deciduous shrub or small tree up to 15 ft high, with trifoliolate leaves much smaller than those of P. trifoliata. Leaflets 114 to 212 in. long, narrowly ovate to narrowly obovate, the terminal one the longest, downy beneath, entire or more or less crenately toothed. Flowers in small terminal corymbs. Fruits about 12 in. across. It differs from P. trifoliata in its narrower leaves, larger flowers, and narrow fruit-wing. Introduced to Kew in 1893. Not so notable a plant as its eastern ally.



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