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Pyracantha crenulata (D. Don) Roem.

Nepalese White Thorn

Modern name

Pyracantha crenulata (Roxb. ex D.Don) M.Roem.


Mespilus crenulata D. Don; Crataegus crenulata (D. Don) Lindl.

Nearly allied to the common pyracanth (P. coccinea), this differs chiefly in the leaves being rounded instead of tapered and pointed at the apex, and in the smaller flowers and fruit. The leaves are ultimately quite glabrous, narrow-oblong or obovate, up to 212 in long, 58 in. wide, rounded, but with a short bristle-tip. The styles differ from those of P. coccinea in being more separated at the base. Fruits orange-yellow. It is a large, more or less thorny bush, and can scarcely be regarded as more than a variety of P. coccinea. It is, however, much slower in growth and more tender. Being quite inferior to the European pyracanth, it is rarely seen in cultivation. It needs a south wall. Native of Temperate Himalaya.



Other species in the genus