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+ Pyrocydonia danielii Winkl. ex Daniel

Modern name

+ Pirocydonia danielii H.K.A.Winkl. ex L.L.Daniel


Pyronia danielii (Daniel) Rehd.

This graft-hybrid was raised in 1902 in the garden of St Vincent College, Rennes, by beheading a plant of the pear ‘William’s Bon Chrêtien’ just above the graft-union, the stock being the common quince. It resembles the quince, having leaves on very short stalks, ovate, 112 to 3 in. long, toothed, rounded at the base. It was named by Prof. Winkler of Hamburg after the Director of the garden. In 1913 Daniel raised another graft-hybrid of the same parentage, naming it after Winkler. This sprang, not from the graft-union, but from a root of the stock, which must have arisen from the graft-union many years previously (the plant was an old one). This hybrid – ‘Winkleri’ – has elliptic-ovate leaves, acuminate at the apex, more persistently downy than in the original form.


+ Pyrocydonia

Other species in the genus

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