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A genus of not more than six species of fan-leaved palms, with stout, single or sometimes clustered trunks. Divisions of leaf numerous, more or less bifid at the apex; petiole not prolonged into the leaf, slender, edged with fine, sharp teeth. Inflorescences borne among the foliage, paniculate, with numerous large bracts (spathes) at the base. Flowers small, unisexual. Calyx and corolla each with three segments. Stamens six. Ovaries three, connate at the base, each (or sometimes only two or one) developing into a small one-seeded fruit.

The most recent study of the genus is: Myron Kimnach, ‘The Species of Trachycarpus, in Principes, Vol. 21 (1977), pp. 155-60.

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