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A genus of a few specie’s of evergreen trees and shrubs, ranging from N. Borneo to Australia, with four species endemic to Tasmania. Leaves leathery, short-stalked, mostly alternate. Flowers sessile in short terminal or axillary spikes, each subtended by a bract and two bracteoles. Corolla cylindric or campanulate, with spreading lobes which are usually shorter than the tube. Stamens five, inserted on the corolla-tube and alternating with the lobes. Ovary ten-chambered; style one, with a small stigma. Fruit fleshy, containing an apparently single stone, which eventually separates into ten one-seeded nutlets (pyrenes).

The best known species and the type of the genus is T. laurina R. Br., a small tree sometimes cultivated in the temperate house and hardy in the Scilly Islands.

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