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× Amelasorbus jackii Rehd.

Modern name

× Amelasorbus jackii Rehder

A deciduous shrub to 9 ft high. Leaves 114 to 214 in. long (sometimes longer on extension growth), some entire, others showing the influence of Sorbus in being pinnately lobed, or even divided near the base into distinct leaflets. Flowers white, with oblong petals, about 45 in. across, borne in short panicles (not racemes as in Amelanchier, nor corymbs as in Sorbus). Fruit subglobose, dark red, with a bluish bloom.

A hybrid between Amelanchier alnifolia Nutt. and Sorbus scopulina Greene, found wild in various localities in western N. America, where the two species are in contact. It is an interesting shrub, only recently brought into commerce in Britain, and surprisingly vigorous.

× Amelasorbus jackii

× Amelasorbus jackii


× Amelasorbus

Other species in the genus