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× Halimiocistus revolii (Coste & Soulié) Dansereau

Modern name

× Halimiocistus revolii (H.J.Coste & Soulié) Dans.


× Halimiocistus revolii Coste & Soulié

A dwarf densely branched shrub 1 to 2 ft high; stems densely covered with white, spreading hairs. Leaves elliptic to broadly so, obtuse to rounded at the apex, cuneate at the base, 14 to 34 in. long, 18 to 14 in. wide, the lower ones green above and short-stalked, the upper ones sessile, grey-hairy above, all leaves hairy beneath; venation pinnate, prominent beneath. Flowers in terminal cymes. Sepals mostly five, silky-hairy on the outside. Petals white, yellow at the base (or pale yellow with a deeper yellow base). Ovary glabrous; stigma sessile.

A natural hybrid between Halimium alyssoides and Cistus salviifolius, described from a plant found in 1914 in the Cevennes, France, on the borders between the departments of Ardèchc and Gard; introduced by Sir Oscar Warburg and his son E. F. Warburg and first shown by the former from his garden at Epsom in 1936. It is a pretty, moderately hardy shrub, flowering June and July. The flowers remain open until late afternoon.


× Halimiocistus

Other species in the genus