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× Philageria veitchii Mast.

Modern name

× Philageria veitchii Mast.

A hybrid between Lapageria rosea and Philesia magellanica which was raised by Messrs Veitch at Chelsea, and flowered in their nursery there in 1872. It was named, described, and figured that year in The GardenersChronicle, p. 358, fig. 119. The lapageria was the seed-bearer. It is a scrambling shrub with leathery, dark green, shining leaves about 112 in. long and 12 in. wide, with three prominent veins running lengthwise and converging at the apex. Flower pendulous, about 2 in. long, 12 to 34 in. wide, with a rosy purple calyx of three oblong, pointed fleshy sepals about 1 in. long; and a corolla of three bright rose-coloured overlapping petals twice as long; anthers 12 in. long, yellow; flower-stalk 14 in. long. Bot. Mag., n.s., t. 92.

This interesting hybrid bears more resemblance to the lapageria in habit, in the stamens and in the colour of the flower, than it does to the philesia. It is hardy in Cornwall and similar places but is now very rare.

The plate in the Botanical Magazine depicts a flowering stem from a plant growing in the cool Fern House at Kew in July 1948. If grown under glass (as it must be over much of the country) it should be planted in a border where it can remain undisturbed. Propagation is by layers.


× Philageria

Other species in the genus

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