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× Phylliopsis hillieri Cullen & Lancaster

Modern name

Phylliopsis × hillieri Cullen & Lancaster

A hybrid between Kalmiopsis leachiana and, probably, P. breweri, first noticed in the 1960s and then thought to be a form of the kalmiopsis, from which it differs in the slightly revolute leaf-margins, the prominent midrib of their undersides, the campanulate corolla and the reflexed tips of its lobes and the glabrous filaments of the stamens. From Phyllodoce it differs in the almost flat, broad leaves with larger, shortly stalked glands beneath, and the downiness of the outside of the corolla near the base.

The original clone, named ‘Pinocchio’, has elongate, many-flowered racemes as in the Curry County form of K. leachiana. It received an Award of Merit on 13 April 1976, when exhibited by Barry Starling, who had bought two plants from Messrs Hillier in 1971 and suspected their hybridity. See further in The Garden (Journ. R.H.S.), Vol. 102, pp. 380-82 (1977).

× P. ‘Coppelia’. – This is the result of a deliberate cross made by Barry Starling between Phyllodoce empetriformis (seed-parent) and K. leachiana (Umpqua form). It differs from the seed-parent in its larger flowers and in the presence on the undersurface of the leaves of the large glands characteristic of Kalmiopsis. It received an Award of Merit on 27 April 1982 (Bull. Alp. Gard. Soc., Vol. 50, pp. 302, 304).


× Phylliopsis

Other species in the genus

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