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× Pyracomeles vilmorinii Rehd.

Modern name

× Pyracomeles vilmorinii Rehder

An evergreen shrub up to 6 ft high; young shoots slender, at first greyish-downy, soon glabrous. Leaves pinnate at the base, pinnately lobed towards the apex, 1 to 112 in. long; leaflets or lobes five to nine, oval, rounded and toothed at the apex, glabrous or nearly so. Flowers white, 25 in. wide, numerous in terminal corymbs; stamens twelve to fifteen. Fruits 16 in. wide, globose, coral-red.

A natural hybrid between Pyracantha atalantioides and Osteomeles subrotunda, which appeared in Chenault’s nursery at Orleans some time previous to 1922, when it had been obtained for, and was in cultivation in, the de Vilmorins’ garden at Verrières. It develops numerous fruits and is very handsome when they are ripe in autumn. Said to come true from seed.


× Pyracomeles

Other species in the genus

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