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× Pyronia veitchii (Trabut) Guillaum.

Modern name

× Pyronia veitchii (Trab.) Guillaumin


Cydonia veitchii Trabut

A hybrid between the pear ‘Bergamotte Esperen’ (seed-parent) and the Portugal quince (pollinator), raised by John Seden, hybridiser on the staff of Messrs Veitch. The cross was made in 1895 and two plants resulted. One had pear-like fruits and for this Messrs Veitch proposed the name Pyronia ‘John Seden’ in 1907. It was first described under the name Cydonia veitchii in 1916 from a plant cultivated at the botanical station in Algeria. In this form of the cross, which appears to be the only one grown in this country, the leaves are elliptic, 2 in. or slightly more long, tapered at both ends, downy when young. Flowers in threes, short-stalked, about 2 in. wide. The fruit is rounded, with a pear-like flesh of good flavour, and ripens in October, earlier than the seed-parent.


× Pyronia

Other species in the genus

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