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Genus/Species Name Common Name Modern Name
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Reevesia pubescens Mast.Reevesia pubescens Mast.
Rehderodendron macrocarpum HuRehderodendron macrocarpum Hu
Rhamnus alaternus L.Rhamnus alaternus L.
Rhamnus alnifolia L'Hérit.Rhamnus alnifolia L'Hér.
Rhamnus arguta Maxim.Rhamnus arguta Maxim.
Rhamnus californica Eschs.CoffeeberryFrangula californica (Eschsch.) A.Gray
Rhamnus cathartica L.Common buckthornRhamnus cathartica L.
Rhamnus costata Maxim.Rhamnus costata Maxim.
Rhamnus davurica Pall.Rhamnus davurica Pall.
Rhamnus fallax Boiss.Rhamnus alpina subsp. fallax (Boiss.) Maire & Petitm.
Rhamnus frangula L.Frangula alnus Mill.
Rhamnus × hybrida L'Hérit.Rhamnus × hybrida L'Hér.
Rhamnus imeretina Kirchn.Rhamnus imeretina Booth, Petz. & Kirchn.
Rhamnus infectoria L.Rhamnus infectoria L.
Rhamnus japonica Maxim.Rhamnus japonica Maxim.
Rhamnus lanceolata PurshRhamnus lanceolata Pursh
Rhamnus pumila TurraDwarf BuckthornRhamnus pumila Turra
Rhamnus purshiana DC.Frangula purshiana Cooper
Rhamnus rupestris Scop.Frangula rupestris Schur
Rhamnus saxatilis JacquinRock BuckthornRhamnus saxatilis Jacq.
Rhamnus tinctoria Waldst. & Kit.Dyer's BuckthornRhamnus saxatilis subsp. tinctoria Nyman
Rhamnus utilis Decne.Rhamnus utilis Decne.
Rhaphiolepis × delacourii AndréRhaphiolepis × delacourii Andr‚
Rhaphiolepis indica (L.) Lindl.Rhaphiolepis indica (L.) Lindl.
Rhaphiolepis umbellata (Thunb.) MakinoRhaphiolepis indica var. umbellata (Thunb.) H.Ohashi
Rhaphithamnus spinosus (A. L. Juss.) MoldenkeRhaphithamnus spinosus (Juss.) Moldenke
Rhododendron aberconwayi CowanRhododendron aberconwayi Cowan
Rhododendron adenogynum DielsRhododendron adenogynum Diels
Rhododendron adenopodum Franch.Rhododendron adenopodum Franch.
Rhododendron aganniphum Balf. f. & WardRhododendron aganniphum Balf. f. & Kingdon-Ward
Rhododendron agastum Balf. f. & W. W. Sm.Rhododendron agastum Balf. f. & W.W. Sm.
Rhododendron alabamense Rehd.Rhododendron alabamense Rehder
Rhododendron albiflorum Hook.Rhododendron albiflorum Hook.
Rhododendron albrechtii Maxim.Rhododendron albrechtii Maxim.
Rhododendron ambiguum Hemsl.Rhododendron ambiguum Hemsl.
Rhododendron annae Franch.Rhododendron annae Franch.
Rhododendron anthopogon D. DonRhododendron anthopogon D. Don
Rhododendron anthosphaerum DielsRhododendron anthosphaerum Diels
Rhododendron aperantum Balf. f. & WardRhododendron aperantum Balf. f. & Kingdon-Ward
Rhododendron araiophyllum Balf. f. & W. W. Sm.Rhododendron araiophyllum Balf. f. & W.W. Sm.
Rhododendron arborescens (Pursh) Torr.Rhododendron arborescens (Pursh) Torr.
Rhododendron arboreum Sm.Rhododendron arboreum Sm.
Rhododendron argyrophyllum Franch.Rhododendron argyrophyllum Franch.
Rhododendron arizelum Balf. f. & Forr.Rhododendron arizelum Balf. f. & Forrest
Rhododendron atlanticum (Ashe) Rehd.Rhododendron atlanticum (Ashe) Rehder
Rhododendron augustinii Hemsl.Rhododendron augustinii Hemsl.
Rhododendron auriculatum Hemsl.Rhododendron auriculatum Hemsl.
Rhododendron austrinum (Small) Rehd.Rhododendron austrinum (Small) Rehder
Rhododendron baileyi Balf. f.Rhododendron baileyi Balf. f.
Rhododendron balfourianum DielsRhododendron balfourianum Diels
Rhododendron barbatum G. DonRhododendron barbatum Wall. ex G. Don
Rhododendron basilicum Balf. f. & W. W. Sm.Rhododendron basilicum Balf. f. & W.W. Sm.
Rhododendron batemanii Hook.Rhododendron batemanii Hook.f.
Rhododendron beanianum CowanRhododendron beanianum Cowan
Rhododendron beesianum DielsRhododendron beesianum Diels
Rhododendron boothii Nutt.Rhododendron boothii Nutt.
Rhododendron brachyanthum Franch.Rhododendron brachyanthum Franch.
Rhododendron brachycarpum G. DonRhododendron fauriei Franch.
Rhododendron bracteatum Rehd. & Wils.Rhododendron bracteatum Rehder & E.H. Wilson
Rhododendron brevistylum Franch.Rhododendron heliolepis Franch.
Rhododendron bureavii Franch.Rhododendron bureavii Franch.
Rhododendron burmanicum Hutch.Rhododendron burmanicum Hutch.
Rhododendron calendulaceum (Michx.) Torr.Rhododendron calendulaceum (Michx.) Torr.
Rhododendron callimorphum Balf. f. & W. W. Sm.Rhododendron callimorphum Balf. f. & W.W. Sm.
Rhododendron calophytum Franch.Rhododendron calophytum Franch.
Rhododendron calostrotum Balf. f. & WardRhododendron calostrotum Balf. f. & Kingdon-Ward
Rhododendron caloxanthum Balf. f. & FarrerRhododendron campylocarpum subsp. caloxanthum (Balf. f. & Farrer) D.F. Chamb.
Rhododendron camelliiflorum Hook. f.Rhododendron camelliiflorum Hook. f.
Rhododendron campanulatum D. DonRhododendron campanulatum D. Don
Rhododendron campylocarpum Hook. f.Rhododendron campylocarpum Hook. f.
Rhododendron campylogynum Franch.Rhododendron campylogynum Franch.
Rhododendron camtschaticumRhododendron camtschaticum Pall.
Rhododendron canadense (L.) Torr.RhodoraRhododendron canadense (L.) Torr.
Rhododendron canescens (Michx.) SweetRhododendron canescens (Michx.) Sweet
Rhododendron carolinianum Rehd.Rhododendron carolinianum Rehder
Rhododendron catawbiense Michx.Rhododendron catawbiense Michx.
Rhododendron caucasicum Pall.Rhododendron caucasicum Pall.
Rhododendron cephalanthum Franch.Rhododendron cephalanthum Franch.
Rhododendron cerasinum TaggRhododendron cerasinum Tagg
Rhododendron chaetomallum Balf. f. & Forr.Rhododendron haematodes subsp. chaetomallum (Balf. f. & Forrest) D.F. Chamb.
Rhododendron championiae Hook.Rhododendron championiae Hook.
Rhododendron charitopes Balf. f. & Forr.Rhododendron charitopes Balf. f. & Farrer
Rhododendron chryseum Balf. f. & WardRhododendron rupicola var. chryseum (Balf. f. & Kingdon-Ward) Philipson & M.N. Philipson
Rhododendron chrysodoron Hutch.Rhododendron chrysodoron Tagg ex Hutch.
Rhododendron ciliatum Hook. f.Rhododendron ciliatum Hook. f.
Rhododendron ciliicalyx Franch.Rhododendron ciliicalyx Franch.
Rhododendron cinnabarinum Hook. f.Rhododendron cinnabarinum Hook. f.
Rhododendron citriniflorum Balf. f. & Forr.Rhododendron citriniflorum Balf. f. & Forrest
Rhododendron clementinae Forr.Rhododendron clementinae Forrest
Rhododendron coelicum Balf. f. & FarrerRhododendron coelicum Balf. f. & Farrer
Rhododendron collettianum Aitch, & Hemsl.Rhododendron collettianum Aitch. & Hemsl.
Rhododendron concinnum Hemsl.Rhododendron concinnum Hemsl.
Rhododendron coriaceum Franch,Rhododendron coriaceum Franch.
Rhododendron coryanumRhododendron coryanum Tagg & Forrest
Rhododendron crassum Franch.Rhododendron maddenii subsp. crassum (Franch.) Cullen
Rhododendron crinigerum Franch.Rhododendron crinigerum Franch.
Rhododendron cuneatum W. W. Sm.Rhododendron cuneatum W.W. Sm.
Rhododendron cyanocarpum (Franch.) W. W. Sm.Rhododendron cyanocarpum (Franch.) Franch. ex W.W. Sm.
Rhododendron dauricum L.Rhododendron dauricum L.
Rhododendron davidii Franch.Rhododendron davidii Franch.
Rhododendron davidsonianum Rehd. & Wils.Rhododendron davidsonianum Rehder & E.H. Wilson
Rhododendron decorum Franch.Rhododendron decorum Franch.
Rhododendron degronianum Carr.Rhododendron degronianum Carrière
Rhododendron desquamatum Balf. f. & Forr.Rhododendron rubiginosum Franch.
Rhododendron detonsum Balf. f. & Forr.Rhododendron detonsum Balf. f. & Forrest
Rhododendron diaprepes Balf. f. & W. W. Sm.Rhododendron decorum subsp. diaprepes (Balf. f. & W.W. Sm.) T.L. Ming
Rhododendron dichroanthum DielsRhododendron dichroanthum Diels
Rhododendron diphrocalyx Balf. f.Rhododendron × diphrocalyx Balf. f.
Rhododendron discolor Franch.Rhododendron discolor Franch.
Rhododendron dryophyllum Balf. f. & Forr.Rhododendron phaeochrysum Balf. f. & W.W. Sm.
Rhododendron edgeworthii Hook. f.Rhododendron edgeworthii Hook. f.
Rhododendron elliottii W. W. Sm.Rhododendron elliottii Watt ex Brandis
Rhododendron eriogynum Balf. f. & W. W. Sm.Rhododendron facetum Balf. f. & Kingdon-Ward
Rhododendron erosum CowanRhododendron erosum Cowan
Rhododendron eudoxum Balf. f. & Forr.Rhododendron eudoxum Balf. f. & Forrest
Rhododendron faberiRhododendron faberi Hemsl.
Rhododendron falconeri Hook. f.Rhododendron falconeri Hook.f.
Rhododendron fargesii Franch.Rhododendron oreodoxa var. fargesii (Franch.) D.F. Chamb.
Rhododendron farrerae TateRhododendron farrerae Sweet
Rhododendron fastigiatum Franch.Rhododendron fastigiatum Franch.
Rhododendron ferrugineum L.Rhododendron ferrugineum L.
Rhododendron fictolacteum Balf. f.Rhododendron rex subsp. fictolacteum (Balf. f.) D.F. Chamb.
Rhododendron flammeum (Michx.) Sarg.Rhododendron flammeum (Michx.) Sarg.
Rhododendron flavidum Franch.Rhododendron flavidum Franch.
Rhododendron floccigerum Franch.Rhododendron floccigerum Franch.
Rhododendron floribundum Franch.Rhododendron floribundum Franch.
Rhododendron formosum Wall.Rhododendron formosum Wall.
Rhododendron forrestii Balf. f. ex DielsRhododendron forrestii Balf. f. ex Diels
Rhododendron fortunei Lindl.Rhododendron fortunei Lindl.
Rhododendron fragariiflorum WardRhododendron fragariiflorum Kingdon-Ward
Rhododendron fulgens Hook. f.Rhododendron fulgens Hook. f.
Rhododendron fulvum Balf. f. & W. W. Sm.Rhododendron fulvum Balf. f. & W.W. Sm.
Rhododendron galactinum Balf. f.Rhododendron galactinum Balf. f. ex Tagg
Rhododendron genestierianum Forr.Rhododendron genestierianum Forrest
Rhododendron glaucophyllum Rehd.Rhododendron glaucophyllum Rehder
Rhododendron glischrum Balf. f. & W. W. Sm.Rhododendron glischrum Balf. f. & W.W. Sm.
Rhododendron grande WightRhododendron grande Wight
Rhododendron griersonianum Balf. f. & Forr.Rhododendron griersonianum Balf. f. & Forrest
Rhododendron griffithianum WightRhododendron griffithianum Wight
Rhododendron gymnocarpum Balf. f. & TaggRhododendron microgynum Balf. f. & Forrest
Rhododendron habrotrichum Balf. f. & W. W. Sm.Rhododendron habrotrichum Balf. f. & W.W. Sm.
Rhododendron haematodes Franch.Rhododendron haematodes Franch.
Rhododendron hanceanum Hemsl.Rhododendron hanceanum Hemsl.
Rhododendron headfortianum Hutch.Rhododendron taggianum Hutch.
Rhododendron heliolepis Franch.Rhododendron heliolepis Franch.
Rhododendron hemitrichotum Balf. f. & Forr.Rhododendron hemitrichotum Balf. f. & Forrest
Rhododendron hemsleyanum Wils.Rhododendron hemsleyanum E.H. Wilson
Rhododendron hippophaeoides Balf. f. & W. W. Sm.Rhododendron hippophaeoides Balf. f. & W.W. Sm.
Rhododendron hirsutum L.Rhododendron hirsutum L.
Rhododendron hirtipes TaggRhododendron hirtipes Tagg
Rhododendron hodgsonii Hook. f.Rhododendron hodgsonii Hook. f.
Rhododendron hookeri Nutt.Rhododendron hookeri Nutt.
Rhododendron houlstonii Hemsl. & Wils.Rhododendron discolor Franch.
Rhododendron hunnewellianum Rehd. & Wils.Rhododendron hunnewellianum Rehder & E.H. Wilson
Rhododendron hylaeum Balf. f. & FarrerRhododendron hylaeum Balf. f. & Farrer
Rhododendron hyperythrum HayataRhododendron hyperythrum Hayata
Rhododendron imperator Hutch. & WardRhododendron uniflorum var. imperator (Hutch. & Kingdon-Ward) Cullen
Rhododendron indicum (L.) SweetRhododendron indicum (L.) Sweet
Rhododendron insigne Hemsl. & Wils.Rhododendron insigne Hemsl. & E.H. Wilson
Rhododendron intricatum Franch.Rhododendron intricatum Franch.
Rhododendron irroratum Franch.Rhododendron irroratum Franch.
Rhododendron japonicum (A. Gray) Suringar ex Wils.Rhododendron japonicum (A.Gray) Suringar
Rhododendron johnstoneanum Watt ex Hutch.Rhododendron johnstoneanum Watt ex Hutch.
Rhododendron kaempferi Planch.Rhododendron kaempferi Planch.
Rhododendron keiskei Miq.Rhododendron keiskei Miq.
Rhododendron keleticum Balf. f. & Forr.Rhododendron keleticum Balf. f. & Forrest
Rhododendron keysii Nutt.Rhododendron keysii Nutt.
Rhododendron kiusianumRhododendron kiusianum Makino
Rhododendron kongboense Hutch.Rhododendron kongboense Hutch.
Rhododendron kyawii Lace & W. W. Sm.Rhododendron kyawii Lace & W.W. Sm.
Rhododendron lacteum Franch.Rhododendron lacteum Franch.
Rhododendron lanatum Hook. f.Rhododendron lanatum Hook. f.
Rhododendron lanigerum TaggRhododendron lanigerum Tagg
Rhododendron lapponicum (L.) Wahlenb.Rhododendron lapponicum (L.) Wahlenb.
Rhododendron lepidostylum Balf. f. & Forr.Rhododendron lepidostylum Balf. f. & Forrest
Rhododendron leptothrium Balf. f. & Forr.Rhododendron leptothrium Balf. f. & Forrest
Rhododendron leucaspis TaggRhododendron leucaspis Tagg
Rhododendron lindleyi T. MooreRhododendron lindleyi T. Moore
Rhododendron longesquamatum Schneid.Rhododendron longesquamatum C.K. Schneid.
Rhododendron longistylum Rehd. & Wils.Rhododendron longistylum Rehder & A. Wilson
Rhododendron lutescens Franch.Rhododendron lutescens Franch.
Rhododendron luteum SweetRhododendron luteum Sweet
Rhododendron lysolepis Hutch.Rhododendron lysolepis Hutch.
Rhododendron macabeanum Watt ex Balf. f.Rhododendron macabeanum Watt ex Balf.f.
Rhododendron macrophyllum G. DonRhododendron macrophyllum D. Don ex G. Don
Rhododendron macrosepalum Maxim.Rhododendron macrosepalum Maxim.
Rhododendron maculiferum Franch.Rhododendron maculiferum Franch.
Rhododendron maddenii Hook. f.Rhododendron maddenii Hook. f.
Rhododendron mallotum Balf. f. & WardRhododendron mallotum Balf. f. & Kingdon-Ward
Rhododendron martinianum Balf. f. & Forr.Rhododendron martinianum Balf. f. & Forrest
Rhododendron maximum L.Rhododendron maximum L.
Rhododendron meddianum Forr.Rhododendron meddianum Forrest
Rhododendron megacalyx Balf. f. & WardRhododendron megacalyx Balf. f. & Kingdon-Ward
Rhododendron micranthum Turcz.Rhododendron micranthum Turcz.
Rhododendron microgynum Balf.f. & Forr.Rhododendron microgynum Balf. f. & Forrest
Rhododendron microphyton Franch.Rhododendron microphyton Franch.
Rhododendron minus Michx.Rhododendron minus Michx.
Rhododendron molle (Bl.) G. DonRhododendron molle G.Don
Rhododendron mollicomum Balf. f. & W. W. Sm.Rhododendron mollicomum Balf. f. & W.W. Sm.
Rhododendron mollyanum Cowan & DavidianRhododendron mollyanum Cowan & Davidian
Rhododendron monosematum Hutch.Rhododendron strigillosum var. monosematum (Hutch.) T.L. Ming
Rhododendron montroseanum DavidianRhododendron montroseanum Davidian
Rhododendron morii HayataRhododendron morii Hayata
Rhododendron moupinense Franch.Rhododendron moupinense Franch.
Rhododendron mucronulatum Turcz.Rhododendron mucronulatum Turcz.
Rhododendron neriiflorum Franch.Rhododendron neriiflorum Franch.
Rhododendron nipponicum Matsum.Rhododendron nipponicum Matsum.
Rhododendron nivale Hook. f.Rhododendron nivale Hook. f.
Rhododendron niveum Hook. f.Rhododendron niveum Hook. f.
Rhododendron nuttallii BoothRhododendron nuttallii Booth ex Nutt.
Rhododendron oblongifolium (Small) MillaisRhododendron oblongifolium (Small) Millais
Rhododendron obtusum
Rhododendron occidentale (Torr. & Gr.) A. GrayRhododendron occidentale (Torr. & A. Gray) A. Gray
Rhododendron oldhamii Maxim.Rhododendron oldhamii Maxim.
Rhododendron orbiculare Decne.Rhododendron orbiculare Decne.
Rhododendron oreodoxa Franch.Rhododendron oreodoxa Franch.
Rhododendron oreotrephes W. W. Sm.Rhododendron oreotrephes W.W. Sm.
Rhododendron orthocladum Balf. f. & Forr.Rhododendron orthocladum Balf. f. & Forrest
Rhododendron ovatum (Lindl.) Maxim.Rhododendron ovatum (Lindl.) Planch. ex Maxim.
Rhododendron pachytrichum Franch.Rhododendron pachytrichum Franch.
Rhododendron paradoxum Balf. f.Rhododendron × paradoxum Balf. f.
Rhododendron parmulatum CowanRhododendron parmulatum Cowan
Rhododendron parryae Hutch.Rhododendron parryae Hutch.
Rhododendron parvifolium AdamsRhododendron lapponicum (L.) Wahlenb.
Rhododendron pemakoense WardRhododendron pemakoense Kingdon-Ward
Rhododendron pendulum Hook. f.Rhododendron pendulum Hook. f.
Rhododendron pentaphyllum Maxim.Rhododendron pentaphyllum Maxim.
Rhododendron periclymenoides (Michx.) ShinnersRhododendron periclymenoides (Michx.) Shinners
Rhododendron phaeochrysumRhododendron phaeochrysum Balf. f. & W.W. Sm.
Rhododendron polycladum Franch.Rhododendron polycladum Franch.
Rhododendron ponticum L.Rhododendron ponticum L.
Rhododendron praestans Balf. f. & W. W. Sm.Rhododendron praestans Balf. f. & W.W. Sm.
Rhododendron praeteritum Hutch.Rhododendron praeteritum Hutch.
Rhododendron prattii Franch.Rhododendron faberi subsp. prattii (Franch.) D.F. Chamb.
Rhododendron primuliflorum Bur. & Franch.Rhododendron primuliflorum Bureau & Franch.
Rhododendron principis Franch.Rhododendron principis Bureau & Franch.
Rhododendron prinophyllum (Small) MillaisRhododendron prinophyllum (Small) Millais
Rhododendron protistum Balf. f. & Forr.Rhododendron protistum Balf. f. & Forrest
Rhododendron prunifolium (Small) MillaisRhododendron prunifolium (Small) Millais
Rhododendron przewalskii Maxim.Rhododendron przewalskii Maxim.
Rhododendron pseudochrysanthum HayataRhododendron pseudochrysanthum Hayata
Rhododendron pubescens Balf.f. & Forr.Rhododendron pubescens Balf. f. & Forrest
Rhododendron pumilum Hook. f.Rhododendron pumilum Hook. f.
Rhododendron quinquefolium Bisset & MooreRhododendron quinquefolium Bisset & S.Moore
Rhododendron racemosum Franch.Rhododendron racemosum Franch.
Rhododendron reticulatum G. DonRhododendron reticulatum D.Don ex G.Don
Rhododendron rex Lévl.Rhododendron rex H. Lév.
Rhododendron ririei Hemsl. & Wils.Rhododendron ririei Hemsl. & E.H. Wilson
Rhododendron roxieanum Forr.Rhododendron roxieanum Forrest
Rhododendron rubiginosum Franch.Rhododendron rubiginosum Franch.
Rhododendron rubropilosum HayataRhododendron rubropilosum Hayata
Rhododendron rufum Batal.Rhododendron rufum Batalin
Rhododendron rupicola W. W. Sm.Rhododendron rupicola W.W. Sm.
Rhododendron russatum Balf. f. & Forr.Rhododendron russatum Balf. f. & Forrest
Rhododendron saluenense Franch.Rhododendron saluenense Franch.
Rhododendron sanguineum Franch.Rhododendron sanguineum Franch.
Rhododendron sargentianum Rehd. & Wils.Rhododendron sargentianum Rehder & E.H. Wilson
Rhododendron scabrifolium Franch.Rhododendron scabrifolium Franch.
Rhododendron scabrum G. DonRhododendron scabrum G.Don
Rhododendron schlippenbachii Maxim.Rhododendron schlippenbachii Maxim.
Rhododendron scintillans Balf. f. & W. W. Sm.Rhododendron polycladum Franch.
Rhododendron searsiae Rehd. & Wils.Rhododendron searsiae Rehder & E.H. Wilson
Rhododendron selense Franch.Rhododendron selense Franch.
Rhododendron semibarbatum Maxim.Rhododendron semibarbatum Maxim.
Rhododendron serotinum Hutch.Rhododendron serotinum Hutch.
Rhododendron serpyllifolium (A. Gray) Miq.Rhododendron serpyllifolium Miq.
Rhododendron setosum D. DonRhododendron setosum D. Don
Rhododendron shepherdii Nutt.Rhododendron kendrickii Nutt.
Rhododendron sherriffii CowanRhododendron sherriffii Cowan
Rhododendron siderophyllum Franch.Rhododendron siderophyllum Franch.
Rhododendron sikangense FangRhododendron sikangense W.P. Fang
Rhododendron simsii Planch.Rhododendron simsii Planch.
Rhododendron sinogrande Balf. f. & W. W. Sm.Rhododendron sinogrande Balf. f. & W.W. Sm.
Rhododendron smirnowii Trautv.Rhododendron smirnowii Trautv.
Rhododendron souliei Franch.Rhododendron souliei Franch.
Rhododendron sperabile Balf. f. & FarrerRhododendron sperabile Balf. f. & Farrer
Rhododendron spiciferum Franch.Rhododendron spiciferum Franch.
Rhododendron spinuliferum Franch.Rhododendron spinuliferum Franch.
Rhododendron stamineum Franch.Rhododendron stamineum Franch.
Rhododendron stewartianum DielsRhododendron stewartianum Diels
Rhododendron strigillosum Franch.Rhododendron strigillosum Franch.
Rhododendron sulfureum Franch.Rhododendron sulfureum Franch.
Rhododendron sutchuenense Franch.Rhododendron sutchuenense Franch.
Rhododendron taggianum Hutch.Rhododendron taggianum Hutch.
Rhododendron taliense Franch.Rhododendron taliense Franch.
Rhododendron tanastylum Balf. f. & WardRhododendron tanastylum Balf. f. & Kingdon-Ward
Rhododendron telmateium Balf. f. & W. W. Sm.Rhododendron telmateium Balf. f. & W.W. Sm.
Rhododendron temenium Balf. f. & Forr.Rhododendron temenium Balf. f. & Forrest
Rhododendron tephropeplum Balf. f. & Forr.Rhododendron tephropeplum Balf. f. & Forrest
Rhododendron thayerianum Rehd. & Wils.Rhododendron thayerianum Rehder & E.H. Wilson
Rhododendron thomsonii Hook. f.Rhododendron thomsonii Hook. f.
Rhododendron tosaense MakinoRhododendron tosaense Makino
Rhododendron trichanthum Rehd.Rhododendron trichanthum Rehder
Rhododendron trichocladum Franch.Rhododendron trichocladum Franch.
Rhododendron trichostomum Franch.Rhododendron trichostomum Franch.
Rhododendron triflorum Hook. f.Rhododendron triflorum Hook. f.
Rhododendron tschonoskii Maxim.Rhododendron tschonoskii Maxim.
Rhododendron ungernii Trautv.Rhododendron ungernii Trautv.
Rhododendron uniflorumRhododendron uniflorum Hutch. & Kingdon-Ward
Rhododendron uvariifolium DielsRhododendron uvariifolium Diels
Rhododendron vaccinioides Hook. f.Rhododendron vaccinioides Hook.
Rhododendron valentinianum Forr. ex Hutch.Rhododendron valentinianum Forrest ex Hutch.
Rhododendron vaseyi A. GrayRhododendron vaseyi A. Gray
Rhododendron veitchianum Hook.Rhododendron veitchianum Hook.
Rhododendron venator TaggRhododendron venator Tagg
Rhododendron vernicosum Franch.Rhododendron vernicosum Franch.
Rhododendron verruculosum Rehd. & Wils.Rhododendron verruculosum Rehder & E.H. Wilson
Rhododendron vilmorinianum Balf. f.Rhododendron augustinii Hemsl.
Rhododendron virgatum Hook. f.Rhododendron virgatum Hook. f.
Rhododendron viridescens Hutch.Rhododendron viridescens Hutch.
Rhododendron viscosum (L.) Torr.Rhododendron viscosum (L.) Torr.
Rhododendron wardii W. W. Sm.Rhododendron wardii W.W. Sm.
Rhododendron wasonii Hemsl. & Wils.Rhododendron watsonii Hemsl. & E.H.Wilson
Rhododendron watsonii Hemsl. & Wils.Rhododendron watsonii Hemsl. & E.H. Wilson
Rhododendron websterianum Rehd. & Wils.Rhododendron websterianum Rehder & E.H. Wilson
Rhododendron weyrichii Maxim.Rhododendron weyrichii Maxim.
Rhododendron wightii Hook. f.Rhododendron wightii Hook. f.
Rhododendron williamsianum Rehd. & Wils.Rhododendron williamsianum Rehder & E.H. Wilson
Rhododendron wilsoniae Hemsl. & Wils.Rhododendron latoucheae Franch.
Rhododendron wiltonii Hemsl. & Wils.Rhododendron wiltonii Hemsl. & E.H. Wilson
Rhododendron xanthocodon Hutch.Rhododendron xanthocodon Hutch.
Rhododendron xanthostephanum MerrillRhododendron xanthostephanum Merr.
Rhododendron yakushimanumRhododendron yakushimanum Nakai
Rhododendron yedoense Maxim.Rhododendron yedoense Maxim. ex Regel
Rhododendron yunnanense Franch.Rhododendron yunnanense Franch.
Rhododendron zaleucum Balf. f. & W. W. Sm.Rhododendron zaleucum Balf. f. & W.W. Sm.
Rhododendron zeylanicum Booth ex CowanRhododendron zeylanicum Booth
Rhododendron: The Hybrids / Additional Notes
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Rhododendron: The Hybrids / Azalea Hybrids - Deciduous
[No species article available]
Rhododendron: The Hybrids / Azalea Hybrids - Evergreen
[No species article available]
Rhododendron: The Hybrids / Azaleodendrons
[No species article available]
Rhododendron: The Hybrids / Introduction
[No species article available]
Rhododendron: The Hybrids / Rhododendron Hybrids
[No species article available]
Rhododendron: The Species / Classification
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Rhodothamnus chamaecistus (L.) Reichenb.Rhodothamnus chamaecistus (L.) Rchb.
Rhodotypos scandens (Thunb.) MakinoRhodotypos scandens (Thunb.) Makino
Rhus aromatica Ait.Rhus aromatica Aiton
Rhus chinensis Mill.Rhus chinensis Mill.
Rhus copallina L.Dwarf SumachRhus copallinum L.
Rhus glabra L.Rhus glabra L.
Rhus michauxii Sarg.Rhus michauxii Sarg.
Rhus potaninii Maxim.Rhus potaninii Maxim.
Rhus radicans L.Poison IvyToxicodendron radicans (L.) Kuntze
Rhus succedanea L.Wax TreeRhus succedanea L.
Rhus trichocarpa Miq.Toxicodendron trichocarpum (Miq.) Kuntze
Rhus typhina L.Stag's-horn SumachRhus typhina L.
Rhus verniciflua StokesVarnish TreeRhus verniciflua Stokes
Rhus vernix L.Poison SumachRhus vernix L.
RibesCurrants and Gooseberries
Ribes alpinum L.Mountain CurrantRibes alpinum L.
Ribes ambiguum Maxim.Ribes ambiguum Maxim.
Ribes americanum Mill.American black currantRibes americanum Mill.
Ribes bracteosum Hook.Californian Black CurrantRibes bracteosum Douglas
Ribes cereum Dougl.Ribes cereum Douglas
Ribes ciliatum Humb. & Bonpl.Ribes ciliatum Humb. & Bonpl. ex Roem. & Schult.
Ribes cruentum GreeneRibes cruentum Greene
Ribes curvatum SmallRibes curvatum Small
Ribes diacanthum Pall.Ribes diacanthum Pall.
Ribes fasciculatum Sieb. & Zucc.Ribes fasciculatum Siebold & Zucc.
Ribes gayanum (Spach) Steud.Ribes trilobum Meyen
Ribes glandulosum GrauerRibes glandulosum Grauer
Ribes × gordonianum Lem.Ribes × gordonianum Lem.
Ribes henryi Franch.Ribes henryi Franch.
Ribes lacustre (Pers.) Poir.Ribes lacustre (Pers.) Poir.
Ribes laurifolium Jancz.Ribes laurifolium Jancz.
Ribes leptanthum A. GrayRibes leptanthum A. Gray
Ribes lobbii A. GrayRibes lobbii A. Gray
Ribes longeracemosum Franch.Ribes longeracemosum Franch.
Ribes maximowiczii Batal.Ribes maximowiczii Batalin
Ribes menziesii PurshRibes menziesii Pursh
Ribes mogollonicum GreeneRibes mogollonicum Greene
Ribes nigrum L.Black CurrantRibes nigrum L.
Ribes niveum Lindl.Ribes niveum Lindl.
Ribes odoratum Wendl.Buffalo CurrantRibes aureum Pursh
Ribes orientale Desf.Ribes orientale Desf.
Ribes pinetorum GreeneRibes pinetorum Greene
Ribes roezlii Reg.Ribes roezlii Regel
Ribes rubrum L.Red CurrantRibes rubrum L.
Ribes sanguineum PurshFlowering CurrantRibes sanguineum Pursh
Ribes speciosum PurshRibes speciosum Pursh
Ribes tenue Jancz.Ribes tenue Jancz.
Ribes uva -crispi L.Common GooseberryRibes uva -crispa L.
Ribes valdivianum Phil.Ribes valdivianum Phil.
Ribes viburnifolium A. GrayRibes viburnifolium A. Gray
Richea scoparia Hook. f.Richea scoparia Hook.f.
Robinia boyntonii AsheBoynton AcaciaRobinia hispida var. rosea Pursh
Robinia elliottii (Chapm.) AsheRobinia elliottii (Chapm.) Ashe
Robinia hartwigii KoehneRobinia viscosa var. hartwigii (Koehne) Ashe
Robinia hispida L.Rose AcaciaRobinia hispida L.
Robinia kelseyi Cowell Ex Hutch.Robinia hispida var. kelseyi (Hutch.) Isely
Robinia luxurians (Dieck) Schneid.Robinia luxurians (Dieck) Rydb.
Robinia pseudacacia L.Locust, False AcaciaRobinia pseudoacacia L.
Robinia viscosa Vent.Clammy LocustRobinia viscosa Vent.
Romneya coulteri HarveyCalifornia Tree PoppyRomneya coulteri Harv.
Rosa acicularis Lindl.Rosa acicularis Lindl.
Rosa × alba L.White RoseRosa alba L.
Rosa albertii Reg.Rosa albertii Regel
Rosa anemoniflora Fort. ex Lindl.Rosa anemoniflora Fortune ex Lindl.
Rosa arkansana PorterRosa arkansana Porter
Rosa arvensis Huds.Rosa arvensis Huds.
Rosa banksiae R. Br. in Ait. f.Banksian RoseRosa banksiae R.Br.
Rosa beggeriana Schrenk ex Fisch. & Mey.Rosa beggeriana Schrenk ex Fisch. & C.A.Mey.
Rosa biebersteinii Lindl. in Loud.Rosa biebersteinii Lindl.
Rosa blanda Ait.Rosa blanda Aiton
Rosa bracteata Wendl.Macartney RoseRosa bracteata J.C.Wendl.
Rosa brunonii Lindl.Himalayan Musk RoseRosa moschata Herrm.
Rosa californica Cham. & Schlecht.Rosa californica Cham. & Schltdl.
Rosa canina L.Common Brier, Dog RoseRosa canina L.
Rosa carolina L.Rosa carolina L.
Rosa centifolia L.Holland or Provence RoseRosa centifolia L.
Rosa cerasocarpa RolfeRosa cerasocarpa Rolfe
Rosa chinensis Jacq.Rosa chinensis Jacq.
Rosa corymbulosa RolfeRosa corymbulosa Rolfe
Rosa damascenaDamask RoseRosa × damascena Herrm.
Rosa davidii Crép.Rosa davidii Crép.
Rosa 'Dupontii'Rosa 'Dupontii'
Rosa ecae Aitch.Rosa ecae Aitch.
Rosa eglanteria L.Sweet Brier, EglantineRosa rubiginosa L.
Rosa elegantula RolfeRosa persetosa Rolfe
Rosa elymaitica Boiss.Rosa elymaitica Boiss. & Hausskn. ex Boiss.
Rosa fedtschenkoana Reg.Rosa fedtschenkoana Regel
Rosa filipes Rehd. & Wils.Rosa filipes Rehder & E.H.Wilson
Rosa foetida J. Herrm.Rosa foetida Herrm.
Rosa foliolosa Torr. & Gr.Rosa foliolosa Nutt. ex Torr. & A.Gray
Rosa × fortuniana Lindl.Rosa × fortuniana Lindl. & Paxton
Rosa × francofurtana Muenchh.Rosa × francofurtana Münchh.
Rosa gallica L.Red RoseRosa × gallica L.
Rosa gigantea Collett ex Crép.Rosa gigantea Collett ex Cr‚p.
Rosa glauca Pourr. (1788)Rosa glauca Pourr.
Rosa glutinosa
Rosa gymnocarpa Torr. & Gr.Rosa gymnocarpa Nutt. ex Torr. & A.Gray
Rosa × harisonii RiversRosa × harisonii Rivers
Rosa helenae Rehd. & Wils.Rosa helenae Rehder & E.H.Wilson
Rosa hemisphaerica J. Herrm.Rosa hemisphaerica Herrm.
Rosa × hibernica Sm.Rosa × hibernica Sm.
Rosa hugonis Hemsl.Rosa xanthina Lindl.
Rosa × involuta Sm.Rosa × involuta Sm.
Rosa jundzillii BesserRosa marginata Wallr.
Rosa laevigata Michx.Cherokee RoseRosa laevigata Michx.
Rosa longicuspis Bertol.Rosa longicuspis Bertol.
Rosa 'Macrantha'Rosa 'Macrantha'
Rosa macrophylla Lindl.Rosa macrophylla Lindl.
Rosa majalis J. Herrm.Rosa majalis Herrm.
Rosa maximowicziana Reg.Rosa maximowicziana Regel
Rosa moyesii Hemsl. & Wils.Rosa moyesii Hemsl. & E.H.Wilson
Rosa multibracteata Hemsl. & Wils.Rosa multibracteata Hemsl. & E.H.Wilson
Rosa multiflora Thunb.Rosa multiflora Thunb.
Rosa nitida Willd.Rosa nitida Willd.
Rosa nutkana PreslRosa nutkana C.Presl
Rosa pendulina L.Rosa pendulina L.
Rosa persica Michx. ex Juss.Rosa persica Michx. ex Juss.
Rosa pimpinellifolia L.Burnet RoseRosa spinosissima L.
Rosa pisocarpa A. GrayRosa pisocarpa A.Gray
Rosa × polliniana Spreng.Rosa × polliniana Spreng.
Rosa prattii Hemsl.Rosa prattii Hemsl.
Rosa pulverulenta Bieb. (1808)Rosa pulverulenta M.Bieb.
Rosa × reclinata ThoryRosa × reclinata Redout‚ & Thory
Rosa × reversa Waldst. & Kit.Rosa × reversa Waldst. & Kit.
Rosa richardii Rehd.Rosa richardii Rehder
Rosa roxburghii Tratt.Burr RoseRosa roxburghii Tratt.
Rosa rubiginosa
Rosa rubus Lévl. & Van.Rosa rubus H.L‚v. & Vaniot
Rosa rugosa Thunb.Rosa rugosa Thunb.
Rosa sempervirens L.Rosa sempervirens L.
Rosa sericea Lindl.Rosa sericea Wall. ex Lindl.
Rosa setigera Michx.Prairie RoseRosa setigera Michx.
Rosa setipoda Hemsl. & Wils.Rosa setipoda Hemsl. & E.H.Wilson
Rosa sicula Tratt.Rosa sicula Tratt.
Rosa soulieana Crép.Rosa soulieana Cr‚p.
Rosa stellata WootonRosa stellata Wooton
Rosa tomentosa Sm.Rosa tomentosa Sm.
Rosa villosa L.Rosa villosa L.
Rosa virginiana J. Herrm. (?)Rosa virginiana Mill.
Rosa watsoniana Crép.Rosa watsoniana Cr‚p.
Rosa webbiana RoyleRosa webbiana Wall. ex Royle
Rosa wichuraiana Crép.Rosa luciae Franch. & Rochebr.
Rosa willmottiae Hemsl.Rosa willmottiae Hemsl.
Rosa xanthina Lindl.Rosa xanthina Lindl.
Rosa: Roses in the Garden
[No species article available]
Rosmarinus officinalis L.RosemaryRosmarinus officinalis L.
Rubus adenophorus RolfeRubus adenophorus Rolfe
Rubus amabilis FockeRubus amabilis Focke
Rubus biflorus Buch.-Ham. ex. Sm.Rubus biflorus Buch.-Ham. ex Sm.
Rubus caesius L.DewberryRubus caesius L.
Rubus calycinoides Koidz.Rubus rolfei J.E.Vidal
Rubus chroosepalus FockeRubus chroosepalus Focke
Rubus cissoides A. Cunn.Bush LawyerRubus cissoides A.Cunn.
Rubus cockburnianus Hemsl.Rubus cockburnianus Hemsl.
Rubus corchorifolius L.f.Rubus corchorifolius L.f.
Rubus coreanus Miq.Rubus coreanus Miq.
Rubus crataegifolius BungeRubus crataegifolius Bunge
Rubus deliciosus Torr.Rubus deliciosus Torr.
Rubus flagelliflorus FockeRubus flagelliflorus Focke
Rubus flosculosus FockeRubus flosculosus Focke
Rubus henryi Hemsl. & KuntzeRubus henryi Hemsl. & Kuntze
Rubus hispidus L.Rubus hispidus L.
Rubus hupehensis OliverRubus swinhoei Hance
Rubus ichangensis Hemsl. & KuntzeRubus ichangensis Hemsl. & Kuntze
Rubus idaeus L.Wild RaspberryRubus idaeus L.
Rubus illecebrosus FockeRubus illecebrosus Focke
Rubus irenaeus FockeRubus irenaeus Focke
Rubus koehneanus FockeRubus microphyllus var. subcrataegifolius (H.L‚v. & Vaniot) Ohwi
Rubus kuntzeanus Hemsl.Rubus innominatus var. kuntzeanus (Hemsl.) L.H.Bailey
Rubus laciniatus Willd.Cut-leaved BrambleRubus laciniatus (Weston) Willd.
Rubus lambertianus Ser.Rubus lambertianus Ser.
Rubus lasiostylus FockeRubus lasiostylus Focke
Rubus lineatus ReinwardtRubus lineatus Reinw. ex Blume
Rubus malifolius FockeRubus malifolius Focke
Rubus mesogaeus FockeRubus mesogaeus Focke
Rubus nepalensis (Hook. f.) O. KuntzeRubus nepalensis (Hook.f.) Kuntze
Rubus × nobilis Reg.Rubus × nobilis hort. angl. ex Regel
Rubus occidentalis L.Black RaspberryRubus occidentalis L.
Rubus odoratus L.Rubus odoratus L.
Rubus palmatus Thunb.Rubus palmatus Thunb.
Rubus parkeri HanceRubus parkeri Hance
Rubus parviflorus Nutt.ThimbleberryRubus parviflorus Nutt.
Rubus parvifolius L.Rubus parvifolius L.
Rubus parvus J. BuchananRubus parvus Buchanan
Rubus pedunculosus D. DonRubus pedunculosus D.Don
Rubus phoenicolasius Maxim.WineberryRubus phoenicolasius Maxim.
Rubus playfairianus FockeRubus playfairianus Hemsl. ex Focke
Rubus setchuenensis Bur. & Franch.Rubus setchuenensis Bureau & Franch.
Rubus spectabilis PurshSalmonberryRubus spectabilis Pursh
Rubus subornatus FockeRubus subornatus Focke
Rubus thibetanus Franch.Rubus thibetanus Franch.
Rubus trianthus FockeRubus trianthus Focke
Rubus tricolor FockeRubus tricolor Focke ex Prain
Rubus trifidus Thunb.Rubus trifidus Thunb.
Rubus ulmifolius SchottRubus ulmifolius Schott
Ruscus aculeatus L.Butcher's BroomRuscus aculeatus L.
Ruscus hypoglossum L.Ruscus hypoglossum L.
Ruscus hypophyllum L.Ruscus hypophyllum L.
Ruta graveolens L.RueRuta graveolens L.