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Acer × hillieri Lancaster

Modern name

Acer × hillieri Lancaster

The name A. × hillieri has been given to hybrids between A. miyabei and A. cappadocicum. Some time before 1935 Messrs Hillier raised trees from seeds taken from the former species at Kew, which proved to be hybrids. The likelihood that A. cappadocicum was the pollen-parent was confirmed when similar seedlings were seen at Hergest Croft, Herefordshire, raised from a specimen of A. miyabei which had A. cappadocicum ‘Aureum’ as a near neighbour.

A. × hillieri is of more moderate growth than A. cappadocicum, with handsome large leaves turning yellow in the autumn. It is intermediate between the parents in its botanical characters.

Two clones have been named: ‘West Hill’, selected from the original raising; and ‘Summergold’, which shows the influence of A. cappadocicum ‘Aureum’ in having the leaves yellow-tinged in summer (C. R. Lancaster, The Plantsman, Vol. 1, pp. 124-7, and The Garden (Journ. R.H.S.), Vol. 104, pp. 424 (both 1979)).



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