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Aesculus glaucescens Sarg.

Modern name

Aesculus × neglecta Lindl.

This is another usually shrubby species from the S.E. United States, also in cultivation, 6 to 10 ft high, but occasionally a small tree up to 30 ft high. Young shoots downy at first only; leaflets five, up to 812 in. long, 212 to 312 in. wide, bright green and downy along the midrib above, rather glaucous and with axil-tufts of hairs beneath, leaf-stalk glabrous. Flowers each over 1 in. long, yellow; calyx bell-shaped, glandular on the margins; petals downy especially on the margins; stamens usually shorter than the petals. This species is closely akin to A. flava, the well-known ‘sweet buckeye’, which has also yellow flowers, but differs in its smaller, more downy leaves and leaf-stalks, and in the much larger fruits.



Other species in the genus