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Osmanthus × burkwoodii (Burkwood & Skipwith) P. S. Green

Modern name

Osmanthus × burkwoodii (Burkwood & Skipwith) P.S.Green


Osmarea Osmarea burkwoodii Burkwood & Skipwith

This hybrid between O. delavayi and O. decorus was raised by Messrs Burkwood and Skipwith of Kingston-on-Thames. It is an evergreen with downy young shoots and shortly stalked, oval to ovate leaves 1 to 2 in. long, slightly toothed, glabrous, leathery, dark, rather glossy green. Flowers white, fragrant, borne in terminal and axillary clusters of six or seven, opening in April. Tube of corolla about 316 in. long, with lobes nearly as long as the tube.

Until one of the parent species, O. decorus, was recently transferred from the genus Phillyrea to Osmanthus, this plant was treated as a bigeneric hybrid with the generic name Osmarea.

O. × burkwoodii is very hardy, rather slow in growth, but dense and bushy, and as such is a useful and attractive evergreen and hedge-plant.



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