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Vaccinium membranaceum Dougl. ex Torr.

Modern name

Vaccinium membranaceum Douglas ex Torr.


V. myrtilloides Hook., not Michx.

A deciduous shrub from 1 to 5 ft high, erect-growing; branchlets angular, glabrous. Leaves ovate to oblong, pointed, rounded or tapered at the base, minutely toothed, 34 to 212 in. long, 13 to 1 in. wide, bright green and glabrous on both surfaces; stalk 116 in. or less long. Flowers solitary in the leaf-axils on stalks 14 to 13 in. long. Corolla between globose and urn-shaped, 14 in. across, greenish or pinkish white; calyx entire. Berries 14 to 13 in. in diameter, purplish black, sweet, but rather acid. Bot. Mag., t. 3447.

Native of N. America from the region of the Great Lakes westward to British Columbia, south to northern California; discovered by Douglas about 1828. It belongs to the same group as V. myrtillus and V. uliginosum. Of little garden value.



Other species in the genus