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Vaccinium × intermedium Ruthe

Modern name

Vaccinium × intermedium Ruthe

A natural hybrid between V. myrtillus and V. vitis-idaea that occurs occasionally where the two species are in contact, usually in disturbed habitats. It is fairly intermediate between its parents, but resembles V. myrtillus more closely in habit. The stems are not so markedly angular as in that species, and it inherits from V. vitis-idaea an evergreen or almost evergreen character. The leaf-margins are toothed, but the under-surface is not dotted. Berries dark violet. It was described from Germany in 1834, and originally discovered in this country in Maer Woods, Staffordshire, by Robert Garner in 1870. Prof. Bonney found it in 1886 on Cannock Chase, where it still occurs. It is commonest, however, on the moors of north Derbyshire.



Other species in the genus