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Viburnum veitchii C. H. Wright

Modern name

Viburnum glomeratum Maxim.

A deciduous shrub about 5 ft high; young branches, leaf-stalks, and under-surface of leaves densely clothed with stellate down. Leaves ovate, pointed, heart-shaped at the base, 3 to 5 in. long, 2 to 3 in. wide, sharply and widely toothed; upper surface with scattered stellate down. Flowers white, uniform and perfect, 14 in. across; produced on a stoutly stalked, very scurfy-downy cyme, that is 4 or 5 in. across. Fruits red, then black.

Native of Central China, discovered and introduced in 1901 by Wilson, for Messrs Veitch. It is one of the Lantana group, differing from V. lantana itself in the more remote marginal teeth, and in the calyx being felted with starlike down. Wilson found it as a bush about 5 ft high, but rare; he considers it to be about the most ornamental of the Lantana group. But it makes a straggly shrub in gardens.



Other species in the genus