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Viburnum × carlcephalum Burkwood & Skipwith ex A. V. Pike

Modern name

Viburnum carlcephalum Burk. ex R. B. Pike

A hybrid between V. carlesii (seed-parent) and V. macrocephalum f. keteleeri, raised by Messrs Burkwood and Skipwith about 1932 but scarcely known until it received an Award of Merit in 1946. It is a shrub to about 8 ft high and wide, with leaves resembling those of V. carlesii but larger and with a slight gloss, sometimes colouring in the autumn. Flowers in May in dense trusses up to 6 in. wide, up to 100 in each, fragrant, pink in the bud, white with a flush of pink when expanded. A fast-growing shrub, thriving and flowering well even in cold localities, but lacking in charm, with its stiff branching and rather lumpy trusses.



Other species in the genus