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Vitis amurensis Rupr.

Modern name

Vitis amurensis Rupr.

A strong-growing, deciduous vine of somewhat similar character to, but quite distinct from, V. vinifera, with reddish young shoots, flossy when young, a thick, hard disk of wood dividing the pith at the joints. Leaves 4 to 10 in. wide, somewhat longer, five-lobed, often deeply so, the middle lobe then of broadly ovate form, with a slender abrupt point; the base has a deep, round, broad sinus; under-surface somewhat downy.

Native of N. China, Korea and the Russian Far East, with a variety in Japan; introduced to Europe about the middle of the last century. It is worth growing for the usually fine crimson and purple autumn hues of its noble foliage.



Other species in the genus