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Vitis californica Benth.

Modern name

Vitis californica Benth.

A deciduous climber, reaching 20 to 30 ft in height, the young shoots covered at first with grey cobwebby down, nearly glabrous later. Leaves roundish cordate or kidney-shaped, occasionally three-lobed, 2 to 4 in. wide, and about as long, rounded at the apex, the sinus at the base often wide and rounded, the margins set with fairly even, broadly triangular teeth, scarcely 18 in. deep, upper surface glabrous, lower one usually grey with down; stalk 1 to 2 in. long, grey downy like the young shoot. Berries 13 in. in diameter, black, covered with purple bloom.

Native of western N. America from Oregon to California. This is a very well-marked vine in the round-ended, shallowly and evenly toothed leaves. It has no value, even in its own home, as a fruit-bearer, but is certainly very handsome in autumn, its leaves turning a deep crimson before they fall.



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