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Vitis monticola Buckl.

Modern name

Vitis monticola Buckley

A deciduous climber up to 30 ft high, with slender, angled, slightly downy branchlets. Leaves 2 to 4 in. across, about the same in length, heart-shaped at the base, the sinus broad and rounded, sharply, sometimes slenderly pointed, coarsely triangular-toothed, and slightly three-lobed, of thinnish texture, dark green above, greyish beneath, both surfaces shining, woolly on the veins beneath when young; stalk about half the length of the blade. Berries globose, 12 in. wide, black and sweet.

Native of southwest Texas; introduced in 1898. There is a thin diaphragm interrupting the pith at the joints. V. champinii Planch., from the same region, and introduced at the same time, is similar but has larger berries, also black. It is possibly a hybrid of V. candicans.



Other species in the genus