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Vitis rupestris Scheele

Bush Grape

Modern name

Vitis rupestris Scheele

A deciduous bush up to 6 or 7 ft high, usually without tendrils; young shoots glabrous or nearly so. Leaves kidney-shaped or broadly heart-shaped, 2 to 412 in. wide, scarcely so long, abruptly and slenderly pointed, coarsely, irregularly, and sharply toothed, but not or only slightly lobed, glossy, bluish green on both surfaces and glabrous, except that the veins beneath are sometimes downy; stalk rather shorter than the blade. Berries roundish, about 12 in. wide, purple-black with a slight bloom, agreeably flavoured.

Native of the southern USA. Interesting as a bushy, not climbing vine.



Other species in the genus