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Cassinia fulvida Hook. f.

Modern name

Ozothamnus leptophyllus (G.Forst.) Breitw. & J.M.Ward


Diplopappus chrysophyllus Koehne

An evergreen, dense-habited shrub up to 6 ft in height, with erect branches, viscid when young, and clothed with a yellowish down. Leaves very crowded on the branches, 16 to 13 in. long, 1112 to 16 in. wide; narrowly oblong-obovate, the margins recurved; dark green, glabrous and slightly viscid above, yellowish downy beneath. Flower-heads very small and numerous, white, forming terminal corymbs 1 to 3 in. across. Blossoms in July.

Native of New Zealand, where it occurs up to 3,500 ft. It is an interesting, rather heath-like shrub, with a tawny yellow aspect when the branches are bent over, but of no great value as an ornament. It is closely allied to C. leptophylla, differing chiefly in the yellow under-surface of the leaves, in the more glutinous character of the young branches, and in having no scales among the florets, or perhaps one or two only.



Other species in the genus