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Cassinia retorta DC.

Modern name

Ozothamnus leptophyllus (G.Forst.) Breitw. & J.M.Ward

An evergreen heath-like shrub 4 to 15 ft high; shoots white with down. Leaves very crowded, 18 to 15 in. long, narrowly oblong to narrowly obovate, almost stalkless, recurved, mostly glabrous above, densely covered beneath with white down. Flower-heads white, numerous in small terminal clusters 13 to 12 in. wide. Of the involucral bracts, the outer ones are the shorter and ovate-oblong, the inner ones narrowly oblong with blunt white tips.

Native of the North Island, New Zealand, commonest near the coast on sand dunes, etc. It is a pretty shrub and flowers in July, differing from other New Zealand species in the small flower-heads.



Other species in the genus