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Ceanothus fendleri A. Gray

Modern name

Ceanothus fendleri A.Gray

A twiggy, deciduous shrub 4 to 6 ft high; with round, downy, spinose branchlets. Leaves alternate, linear-lanceolate to ovate, 1 in. or less long; three-veined, short-stalked, downy especially beneath; glandular-toothed towards the apex, or entire; of a dull grey-green. Flowers bluish white, in a cluster of umbels or fascicles at the end of the twigs, each cluster 12 to 34 in. across; petals spoon-shaped, stamens with whitish stalks and yellow anthers. Bot. Mag., t. 9264.

Native of the Rocky Mountains, from Colorado and New Mexico to Arizona, up to 8,000 ft. altitude. This ceanothus withstood the severe winter of 1908-9 better than any other W. American species, but it is one of the least showy, its foliage being dull and its flowers of an indeterminate hue. Introduced about 1898.



Other species in the genus