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Ceanothus parvifolius (S. Wats.) Trel.

Modern name

Ceanothus parvifolius (S.Watson) Trel.


C. integerrimus var. parvifolius S. Wats.

A deciduous or semi-evergreen shrub 2 to 4 ft high; young shoots thin, flexible, quite glabrous. Leaves alternate, inconspicuously three-nerved, oblong, rounded at the end, broadly tapered to rounded at the base, quite entire; 12 to 1 in. long, 316 to 38 in. wide; glabrous or nearly so on both surfaces. Flowers varying in shade from pale to deep blue, produced in panicles 12 to 112 in. long; each flower is about 110 in. wide, its stalk slender, 14 to 38 in. long.

Native of California, inhabiting mountain flats on the Sierra Nevada at 4,700 to 6,500 ft altitude. It is nearly related to C. integerrimus but differs in its dwarfer, often flat-topped habit, its blue flowers, much smaller leaves, and scarcely branched flower-panicles. It has been introduced and, coming from considerable elevations, should be hardy against a wall.



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