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Cladothamnus pyroliflorus Bongard

Modern name

Elliottia pyroliflora (Bong.) S.W.Brim & P.F.Stevens

A deciduous shrub 3 to 6 ft (sometimes more) high, with erect angled stems and glabrous young shoots. Leaves alternate, oblanceolate or narrowly oval, 1 to 2 in. long, 14 to 12 in. wide; tapered gradually to a stalkless base, abruptly narrowed to a point at the apex, entire, perfectly glabrous on both surfaces. Flowers produced in June, mostly solitary from the axils of the uppermost leaves and the end of the shoot, 34 to 1 in. across. Sepals five, narrow oblong, persistent, green; petals five, spreading, broader and rather longer than the sepals, rosy in the centre, yellowish at the margins; stamens ten, spreading, the stalks flattened towards the base; style 38 in. long, decurved, persistent; flower-stalk 14 to 12 in. long.

Native of Alaska, British Columbia, etc.; discovered in Sitka Island in 1828; introduced by T. Smith, of Newry. It is a neat shrub, suitable for a peaty situation in the rock garden.



Other species in the genus

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