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Colutea cilicica Boiss.

Modern name

Colutea cilicica Boiss. & Balansa


C. longialata Koehne

A deciduous shrub, similar in habit to C. arborescens. Leaves composed of nine to thirteen leaflets, which are obovate or oval, with a few flattened hairs beneath. Flowers yellow, produced three or five together in short racemes. Wing-petals longer than the keel.

Native of Asia Minor. Very similar to C. arborescens (of which it is perhaps only a geographical form) and to C. melanocalyx; it is chiefly distinguished from the former by the larger wing-petals, and from the latter by the unfelted calyx.

From the Supplement (Vol. V)

This species, although described from Asiatic Turkey, probably extends into the Balkans, where it is linked by intermediates to C. arborescens. In addition to C. cilicica and C. melanocalyx, another near ally of C. arborescens is C. armena Boiss. & Reut., which is in cultivation at Kew. For the differences between them, see P. H. Davis (ed.), Flora of Turkey, Vol. 3, p. 42 (1970).



Other species in the genus