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Crataegus apiifolia Michx.

Modern name

Crataegus marshallii Eggl.

A shrub or miniature tree in this country, with slender, downy young shoots; thorns 1 to 112 in. long. Leaves triangular to kidney-shaped, the lower ones on the shoot deeply toothed, the upper ones deeply parallel-lobed as well as toothed; usually more or less hollowed at the base; 1 to 134 in. wide, not so long; bright green and almost or quite glabrous; stalk 12 to 114 in. long, slender. Flowers 34 in. across; borne in May, each on a slender hairy stalk up to 1 in. long, in corymbs. Calyx-tube downy, the lobes glabrous; stamens twenty, anthers bright pink; styles one to three. Fruit scarlet, 13 in. long, oval.

Native of the southern United States; introduced early in the nineteenth century, but has frequently quite disappeared from cultivation. It is too tender for all but the milder parts of Britain, and although it may live for several years and flower, as it has done at Kew, I have never seen it bear fruit. It is very distinct in the shape and deep parallel lobing of the leaf.



Other species in the genus