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Crataegus nigra Waldst. & Kit.

Hungarian Thorn

Modern name

Crataegus nigra Waldst. & Kit.

A tree 20 ft high, forming a rounded head of rather stiff branches; young shoots felted with a grey down, becoming smoother and purplish; thorns about 12 in. long, often almost absent. Leaves triangular to ovate, wedge-shaped to almost straight across at the base; 112 to 4 in. long, usually two-thirds to quite as wide; seven- to eleven-lobed, the lower lobes reaching not more than half-way to the midrib, the upper ones shallower; sharply toothed, dull green, both surfaces downy; stalk rarely more than 34 in. long, very downy; stipules sharply and coarsely toothed. Flowers white, turning rosy with age, 58 in. across, produced during May in rather small corymbs. Calyx and flower-stalks grey-hairy; stamens twenty; styles five. Fruit flattened globose, up to 12 in. diameter, shining black and soft.

Native of Hungary; introduced in 1819. Very distinct in its dense grey covering from other thorns, it is not, however, one of the most attractive. The inflorescences are too small and the foliage too far advanced at flowering time to make a good display.



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