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Cyathodes colensoi (Hook. f.) Hook. f.

Modern name

Cyathodes colensoi (Hook.f.) Hook.f.


Leucopogon colensoi Hook. f.

A low shrub of heath-like habit up to 18 in. high. Leaves narrow-oblong, 15 to 13 in. long and up to 18 in. wide, glaucous grey above and often membranous towards the apex, undersides whitish with conspicuous, almost parallel veins; growth buds with numerous pinkish scales which remain for some time at the base of the young shoot. Flowers three to five in short racemes, borne in spring at the ends of the young growth; corolla tubular, about 14 in. long, lobes densely hairy on the upper surface. Fruit white or red, about 15 in. wide.

A native of the mountains of New Zealand. It is one of the hardiest of the Epacris family, growing well though slowly in peaty soil and damaged only in the severest winters. Its fruits are rarely seen in this country but it is well worth growing for its attractive foliage and young growth.

C. empetrifolia Hook. f. – A close ally of the preceding but of prostrate, straggling habit and with very narrow, linear leaves. The flowers are borne singly or in small clusters.



Other species in the genus